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A style robbery has provided one of Hip-Hop’s greatest influencers a once in a lifetime collaborative opportunity. Dapper Dan’s designs with Gucci have finally come to life.


On Tuesday, July 17 Gucci and Dapper Dan released their first ever joint collection. Using the luxury fashion house’s preium materials Dap designed an assortment of ready to wear items that draw from his original concepts from the 1980’s.

The drop includes track suits, jackets, demin, sneakers and array of accessories including jewelry, hats, eyewear and backpacks.

For the shoot Dan handpicked a cast of Harlem natives as a nod to his uptown roots. Additionally photographer Ari Marcopoulos kept things local with the entire look book shot in and around the iconic neighborhood.

In 2017 Gucci was caught red handed knocking off a balloon sleeved fur-lined jacket design crafted by the famed tailor. The Italian brand admitted to the swagger jacking which ultimately led to both parties to talk about reperations. Dapper Dan has sinced reopened his appointment-only atelier.

To celebrate the launch of the special collection, a special episode of the Gucci Podcast channel features the designer from Harlem in conversation with the editor-in-chief of Vestoj, Anja Cronberg. You can listen to podcast here.

You can see more of the Gucci-Dapper Dan collection on the following pages.

Via Gucci

Photo: Gucci / Ari Marcopoulos

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