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Faith Walking: With Guest Jor él Quinn

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My name is Jor él Quinn and I’m sitting in for our sister Erica this morning and it is now time for Faith Walking. 

Do not confuse the crushing with disqualification. I’ll say it again. Do not confuse your crushing with disqualification. I want to talk to everybody this morning that feels buried. Everybody that feels like it’s so much resistance surrounding them. The people that know they have a promise from God. They know they have the word of God. They have these sure title deeds as the word calls it. The title deed to whatever the promise is. But you feel like you’re surrounded by negativity. You feel like you’re surrounded by literally dirt.  


Well, I want to liken it to a seed. When you plant a seed in the ground, you purchase the seed and you know the seed has what you want to flourish. You might want another flower. You might want a fruit, a vegetable, whatever it is. Imagine if that seed was tucked into dirt. It feels like, hey, I know what I am. I know what I was supposed to be. I’m supposed to be something. Other than this seed, but you got to be planted in order to become, you have to be planted. What does planet mean? Planet means you have to literally be surrounded by dirt and it’s really dark. I imagine it’s really confusing because you say I know I’m supposed to see light. I’m supposed to see Sun. I’m supposed to sprout. I’m supposed to be something other than what I am right now, but I have to get there. Do not confuse your being planted with disqualification. The reason that it’s dark around you is because this is the time for you to be crushed. 


It’s easier said than done, but I’ve been there. I am there. It’s a journey. It’s a faith walk. You are covered because you’re qualified. You’re being crushed because God needs to push out, literally push out what’s inside of you in order to grow, and once that happens, you are absolutely going to flourish. You are absolutely, allow me to encourage you. You are absolutely that exact person, that exact thing, that accept that exact entity that God promised you are. Do not let the negativity around you confuse you. The crushing is because you’re qualified. 


You know, the Bible says in Numbers, he says. ‘God is not a man that he should lie. He’s not the son of man, that he should change his mind or repent. If he told you a thing, he’s going to see it to fruition.’ Hold on to that word. And again, I love the scripture, Isaiah 6022. ‘When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.’ 


So yes, you are to be favored. You are to be the CEO, you are to walk into that business and own it. You are to make that album. You are to write that book. You are to be in the place of ownership and entrepreneur, whatever your promise is, you will do it. It is to happen. But when the time is right, I, the Lord will make it happen.  


Another scripture. I want to encourage you with this morning for this faith walk. Is Zechariah 4:10. It says ‘do not despise these small beginnings.’ I know you were promised the mansion. You were promised the business. You were promised the whole career. The thing, the big thing. The gold. But don’t neglect the journey on the way to get there. Don’t neglect the path. Don’t neglect the road. Because it’s all intentional, it’s all to make you, you are not a micro, you’re not a microwave meal. No, you’re in the slow cooker. You takes time. It takes time. I liking it to when coaches say what I go horse for a player. I didn’t believe it. No. When you know there’s potential there, you have to push it out. It has to be crushed out of you. And you will see it’s worth it. You are worth it, so don’t try to expedite God’s process. Let him slow cook. You let him do everything he needs to do to prepare you for who you are to be. Because you’re already that person. I love you. God loves you. You can do it. That’s my faith. Walk for us today.