Healthy Ever After

In Healthy Ever After, Erica Campbell talks to the co-founders of Cleanout ASAP.

In this edition of Healthy Ever After, Dr. Ian Smith address America's sugar problem.

Dr. Griffin talks about the link between diabetes & kidney failure, and the importance of sleep!

Dayna Caddell talked with Erica Campbell about National Autoimmune Deficiency Awareness Month.

In Healthy Ever After, Dr. Jessica Shepherd explains what fibroids is.

Evette Pie, one of Erica's best friends, talks about her struggle with cancer & heart health.

Dr. Ian Smith explains why sugar is more dangerous than we think.

Often, it is said that the tongue that can get us in trouble. But, Erica Campbell explains, sometimes, its not our mouths that will get us in trouble, but our stomachs. David Mann agrees, saying that any time something other than God rule you, then God isn’t control. Such a thing is common with food, […]

In this edition of Healthy Ever After, Erica Campbell talks about how she tends to push herself in order to handle all of the different responsibilities she has. Recently, she took a trip to South Africa, but just to perform and then turn right back around to come home and do the radio show. After […]

In this edition of Healthy Ever After, Erica Campbell talks with Robin Anthony of Renu Herbs. She explains what some of the signs are that your body needs a detox, and how to tell whether or not you’ve got a parasite, which although it is a scary medical situation, it’s not without remedy. Plus, Robin […]

It’s the Holiday season, which means our carefully nailed-down routines get tossed out the window for adjusted holiday schedules and family coming into town. In this edition of Healthy Ever After, Erica Campbell gives us some tips on staying healthy through the seasonal shake-up. Of course, avoiding too much harmful food and drinks throughout a […]