Mr. Griffin

He read some scriptures and then began to reflect on his relationship with God and how special it is.

GRIFF said, "We need to read so we can be delivered."

GRIFF told a story about the other day where he watched a squirrel run from the bottom of the tree and go around to get out his eye sight.

A couple months ago, GRIFF met his youngest brother who is 25 and made a promise that he would always be family despite his relationship with the father they share.

These internships provide you with the knowledge and a little background on what you'll be doing in the future.

GRIFF is feeling pretty happy because his daughter, Jameson is here for the summer.

GRIFF launches a nonprofit organization for young men that teaches them the process of how things work and at the same time, offers mentorship to train them up as men.

The other day two people told GRIFF that God told them to give him a message.

GRIFF is working on multiple projects right now and is trying to figure out everything.

We all go through hard times and GRIFF wants to know how you act when these problems come about.

GRIFF shared a message Erica Campbell says everyday about how the enemy tries to throw us off our path.

Stemmed from a recent moment where a bird followed him, GRIFF reflects on reminders of happiness and other small voices that give us instruction on things.