Black Music Month

Warryn Campbell’s professional career started with Death Row Records, however he grew up in the church. After producing songs for artists like Brandy, Tupac and others he wanted to do something different and pursued Gospel. After meeting his now wife Erica Campbell he formed the group “Mary Mary” with Erica’s sister Tina Atkin and the […]

Erica Campbell of the Gospel duo Mary Mary sat down with us to discuss the current state of Black music. “It’s kind of selfish. People want to turn up but I feel like if you’re turning up you should have something real to celebrate,” she said. However, she credits black culture for inspiring her to […]

Erica Campbell spoke about a simple, but important concept for today’s EricaIsm. No matter what you’re dealing with, your situation could really be so much worse than it actually is. Watch Erica remind you to focus on your blessings in the video above! Hear more of this EricaIsm in the audio player below, and tune in […]

The last day of school is a monumental event for any kid; they are mere hours away from summertime, which means no more homework, no more waking up early, and no more having to see teachers and other kids at school that they don’t want to see! So, even though GRIFF can’t be at the bus […]

Pastor Donnie McClurkin gives the Praise Unplugged audience an impromptu performance of his new single “I Need You.” The Praise Unplugged series presented by McDonalds. PHOTO CREDIT | Getty More Praise Unplugged: [Exclusive] Donnie McClurkin: It’s Time For The Now Generation” [Exclusive Video] Donnie McClurkin Sings Some Of His Favorite Hymns  

The pastor is trying to rebuild his repuation. Is it too late?

Todd Dulaney discusses the importance of living in your purpose and embracing the passion God puts in your heart.