“I wish we didn’t live in a world where sexual assault existed,” she said.

Your mom, auntie, and uncle have all told you “Black don’t crack” and it’s basically true.


For years the 61-year-old has spoken about the benefits of skincare, her vegan diet and water intake.

Basset chose to work Netflix, not because she needed an opportunity of course, but because they tell everyday stories when Hollywood can be so limited.

What happens when three women decide to unexpectedly pop up on their sons after feeling neglected on Mother’s Day?

Click through the gallery for photos dating back to the early 1990's.

The Oscar-nominee joins "American Horror Story" creator Ryan Murphy for this upcoming 13-episode drama.


Tracee, Kerry, Laverne and many more.

On this Fashion Friday, Erica Campbell chats with her business partner and stylist Vernon Martin, who has styled greats such as Cicely Tyson, Serena Williams, Angela Bassett and, of course, Erica herself! Vernon talks about Erica’s very own hair line “Erica By Erica Campbell,” and explains why he wanted to launch it with her. “You’re […]