GRIFF had one thing in specific to be extra happy about this week as his baby girl started 9th grade, but he also had to welcome in a bit of the bad with help from a few wild coyotes.

It’s been a long summer for some parents, but thankfully the kids are back in school and it’s time to celebrate.

Summertime always seems so short. We spend most of the year looking forward to the warm weather & beach season, but for some people, by the end of August they are really itching for September. And that’s mainly because they are tired of their children and their children’s friends running around the house. In today’s […]

  The summer is winding down to a close, so that means it’s back to school time! It’s time to start to gather all the things your child needs to start the new school year on the right note. Erica Campbell starts off talking about what she’s going to have to get for her children, even […]