Today's "Wake Up & Win" sees Dr. Willie Jolley keeping the Black History Month theme going by focusing on the resilient story of Jesse Owens, a track and field icon that famously proved the nefarious Adolf Hitler wrong by winning big during the unforgettable 1936 Summer Olympics. 

In today's "Wake Up & Win," Dr. Willie Jolley revisits the inspiring story of Black sports pioneer Satchel Paige as a way of breaking down the concept of mind over matter. 

Dr. Willie Jolley focuses his "Wake Up & Win" for today on the benefits of persistence using our very own Urban One founder Cathy Hughes as a prime example.

Presidential elections are usually the period where voter turnout is massive, where Black issues become major talking points during debates, the thought that the “Black Vote” can swing any election grows from a whisper to a massive call for attention and then some.  When it comes to running for President, however, it’s less a novel […]

This Black History Month is the perfect time to brush up on social justice terms, as the fight for criminal justice reform is still in full swing.

Ever since we started learning about Black History in elementary school, Rosa Parks was one of the central figures of the lesson.


Attending a Historically Black College University can be the best experience that you create it to be.

Education is one of the most powerful tools you can have. So it’s no secret that in the history of the United States, there was a time when African-Americans were held back from educational opportunities because of the color of their skin. During slavery, slaves were killed because they knew how to read. After the […]

  With Black History Month is literally around the corner, Target has dropped a new apparel line celebrating everything that is excellent, amazing and beautiful about who we are as African-Americans.