The Washington Football Team is getting closer to no longer being named The Washington Football Team. 

Just last week Schottenheimer family announced he was being moved to a hospice facility near his home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to sources, the Big Ten is expected to announce Football will resume in October

According to reports, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will become part-owner of the XFL.

It has been a month since COVID-19 effectively changed how we currently live our lives.

The NFL has rules against uniform alterations and New Orleans Saints Linebacker Demario Davis learned the extent of it at a recent game when he was fined a little over $7,000 for wearing a “Man of God” headband underneath his helmet. 

From the book of Juicy Smollett, we now have another case of someone faking a hate crime to gain attention.

Cedric Benson, one of the most highly touted running backs in Texas history and former NFL pro, died overnight on Sunday following a motorcycle crash in Austin.

Growing up, Black boys are often told that they should aspire to be strong men. Along with that expectation comes very specific ideas of what it means to be strong and what it means to be masculine. NFL player Ryan K. Russell has a love and passion for two things that are commonly viewed as […]

Quavo’s #HunchoDay was a big surprise when Colin Kaepernick showed up to play from football in the rappers big community day give back.

Former NFL running back Ricky Williams announced the launch of the Freedom Football League.