Jemele Hill

Jemele Hill is sTILL riding a wave of success following her big money departure from ESPN last year.

The wife-to-be Jemele Hill said her prayer and now she's newly engaged.

Embatted sportscaster Jemele Hill, one of the most prominent Black women at the network, is reportedly going to take the buyout offered by ESPN, reports say.

Sports Journalist Jemele Hill has carefully navigated the male dominated sports industry with a certain amount of class and sass, which is why the NABJ has been named the historical organization’s 2018 Journalist of the Year. Ms. Hill stays true to form and displays her signature honest style on a variety of topics  this morning […]

We all know what happens when strong Black women have the audacity to speak their minds and call out racism and injustice in this country. We are seen as a threat and severely punished for it. While y’all president can call for people to boycott the NFL and demean Black players by calling them a […]