A new mom shared a horrifying birthing experience while bringing her daughter into the world.


On June 16, Thabisa Xhelithole shared that she was in deep despair over the fact that her electricity bill was short 69 cents when you convert the currency.


According to Pittsburgh police, a woman parked her car on the Homestead Grays Bridge on Friday evening, left her three children inside of the vehicle, and proceeded to jump over the railing, killing herself.

Gloria Vanderbilt succumbed to complications from advanced stomach cancer Monday.

Rihanna‘s still teasing the Navy about a new album but in a new interview with Interview Magazine, she lets loose why the album isn’t out and why she’s ready to be a mom!

Burly Man Coffee has decided to continue to pay it forward by donating 100 cars to single mothers.


GoFundMe supporters raised $8,000 for a single mother to fulfill her dream of participating in a NASA internship.

Last week, rapper, actor and author Common revealed that he was molested when he was 9 or 10-years old by a family friend.

While we’ve all known Dana Owens as “Queen Latifah” over the last 30 years, her late mother, Rita Owens, once refused to address her by her stage name.

Katie Page always wanted kids after getting divorced she decided to become a foster parent.

Erica Campbell is talking about a topic today that is pretty serious.