We got a chance to speak with NAACP president Derrick Johnson to get an idea on what to expect at the Image Awards this weekend, in addition to his take on the topic of student debt and why voting matters when it comes to the Black community. 

Following the disappointing rulings within the Senate on voting rights legislation, we got NAACP CEO & President Derrick Johnson on the phone to help us understand what caused opposition between Democrats & Republicans in addition to what we can all do to take actions in our own hands.

The NAACP is packing up its headquarters in Baltimore and heading about 50 miles south. In a news release, the civil rights organization said its planning to settle in at the Frank D. Reeves Center of Municipal Affairs at 2000 14th Street NW in Washington, D.C. The NAACP’s current headquarters is located at 4805 Mt. […]

Anthony Anderson, Halle Berry, Issa Rae and many more were in the building.

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Even in the midst of disaster and natural calamity, it’s important for us all to remember one intangible that makes this country one of the leading nations in the world: the ability to set aside differences, come together as one and heal.

Check out some of her most inspiring quotes. The NAACP Image Awards airs February 11 on TVOne.

In a joint complaint, the NAACP and two disabled Black students accuse Richmond, Virginia Schools of Discrimination. The U.S. Department of Education's Civil Rights Division is evaluating the allegations.