Does Walmart really sell red velvet and cheesecake-flavored Juneteenth ice cream? Either way, white-owned corporations trademarking and commodifying Black culture is not new.

It's been time that drugstores around the country stop treating Black women like criminals by hiding our products in anti-theft cases.

Walmart says they are making changes as soon as possible to combat buyer's discrimination.


"One poor girl was trying to look up products on her phone because you can’t even pick the products up to read directions, ingredients etc."


A Black-owned gourmet biscuit brand has landed distribution deals with Walmart, Whole Foods and other national retailers.

The Hollywood mogul shared that he knows there are families going through rough times this season and he just wanted to give back.

Comedian, actor, host and director Cedric The Entertainer was hanging out with Erica Campbell and GRIFF in-studio. He talked about his prayer routine, and reminisces about the making of some of his films. He talks about his partnership with Wal-Mart over the holidays, and the web series he’s got coming out on TVOne this month. […]