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Museum of the Bible

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The Museum of the Bible opened nearly a year ago and has had many people come to visit from all around the world. The Christian Headlines reports that when the museum opened it exhibited several fragments from the storied Dead Sea Scrolls. These fragments were discovered nearly 70 years ago in a desert cave.

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Recently, the museum shared that the fragments that were on display were forgeries. Several weeks after finding out about the forgeries the museum took it down and replaced it with three other fragments. For a long time the museum had suspicions and some exhibit scholars had questions about the authenticity of the fragments. An X-ray testing of the ink, sediment layers, as well as the chemical composition, proved that the fragments weren’t real.

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Jeff Kloha, chief curatorial officer said, “This is part of our ongoing commitment to making sure we’re adhering to all legal and museum standards, that our displays are accurate, that when we have information, we make it available. Where we had uncertainty about the documentation, we put that up on the museum website and updated labels on the displays.”

The museum has faced questions before about other antiques on display. The Dead Sea Scrolls are known to be one of the greatest archaeological finds.


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