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We’re only days away from Election Day and it’s very important that we go out and exercise our right to vote. Andrew Gillium made history by becoming the first African-American nominee for Florida governor and next week could change his life. He joined “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell,” to speak on the importance of voting as well as what’s at stake.

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Andrew wants to put working people back into this government. He grew up with a father and mother that worked very hard and wants to not only pay them back, but the community that helped raise him. Andrew mentioned that he’s fighting to pay teachers more as well as keep the Affordable Care Act around and many other things.

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This past weekend President Barack Obama endorsed Andrew and he felt so honored by it. If elected, Andrew has the opportunity to change a lot of things in the state of Florida that have kept them from thriving. He’s also dedicated to protecting Obama’s legacy.

Lastly, he reflected on lessons his grandmother taught him that as he got older became more clear. Part of his campaign has been based on the words “Bring It Home.” It’s something his grandmother always said and now Andrew wants to bring home this win to help the people that deserve it!

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