The general election is on Tuesday, November 3rd, but 39 states as well as the District of Columbia offer voters the option of casting ballots in advance of the general election.


The democratic process of voting has long excluded people based on what is known as criminal disenfranchisement laws—meaning each state has regulations that strip a person’s right to vote if they have a past felony conviction.

Former Maine governor told us how he really felt when it came to the Electoral College, proving the whole system smells of racism.

Election Day is finally here and GRIFF is so happy to see everyone go out to vote.

On Sunday Rihanna showed her support for Andrew Gillum, Florida’s Democratic nominee for governor.

On Tuesday, November 6th we exercise our right to vote.

We're only days away from Election Day and it's very important that we go out and exercise our right to vote.


A New York man was arrested for planning a bombing attack on the National Mall. 56-year-old Paul Rosenfeld reportedly wanted to blow up himself and others on election day to draw attention to his belief in “sortition,” the ancient practice of randomly selecting legislators out of a pool of eligible voters. In August and September, […]

The time to vote has always been now, but let's make it count more this election season!