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Find Real Joy In Your Life | Ericaism

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I was watching a show. I can’t remember who was Netflix or just something that I was watching on YouTube. They were talking about meaningful things and it was such a sweet conversation, especially in this generation of people trying to acquire things and feel better about themselves by the things that they have, the house that you have, the car that you drive. Eat the car. You drive even the amount of money that you have where you Vaca. 


And unfortunately, the people that we’re talking about, the things that they have, what they didn’t have were things that money can’t buy, like love and peace and health and a healthy family and people that actually like them, no matter how much money they have. And it was just so interesting with all that I do and all the places I’ve been blessed too. So the thing that I enjoy the most are the things that money can’t buy laying down at night and feeling good about the person that I am my heart and how I treat people feeling good about my family and even though we can’t stop, drop and say hey, everybody’s flying here and we going to stay here, you know, I mean. 


I wish I could say that fame and fortune go hand in hand, but they don’t always. But that is not even the most important thing anyway. How many families have you watched take these trips and they hate each other the whole time, because there’s no love, there’s no connection. There’s no family. They don’t even laugh for real. They don’t even like each other for real. I could not imagine holiday time coming, and I get stressed out because I got to go be with people that Idon’t like. I like my family. I like my mother in love and my father in love. I’ll go spend the night at the house anytime I like my cousins. We talk through things, we process things.  


Listen, this industry is not always fun. And while it is enjoyable to be able to sing and go and travel, it is the people that I meet the stories. That they tell that bring the value. You can fly first class. You can stay in the nicest hotels and still be depressed. You can meet all the great people they can know your name and even know your music. But if you don’t know you and you don’t know the God that you serve, it is pointless. And that’s my life. Right? But think about you in your life. Don’t you dare just float through life. Don’t just get up, and go through. Go to work every day and you ain’t happy at all. You got to take a deep breath in the car because you’re so stressed and overwhelmed. Maybe somebody sitting in the car and you feel that way right now, find real joy in your life. Find a reason to really laugh, find a really a reason to really do what you do and actually enjoy it. Bless people around you because what you’re doing. 


Is it’s a hard job, even though it’s a hard job, it’s a hard job and heart jobs are way more rewarding. There is no rule book that teaches me how to be a Mama. But when I tell you that some good hard work right there, it’s hard work. But it’s good hard work, right? There, when I hear my kids say stuff, when they when they come to me, when they ask questions, when they when Zaya comes in my room at night just to lay on my bed and talk to me. That’s that’s beautiful work and know it may not be the biggest celebrity calling my phone and all of that. And I know y’all think I’m A Celebrity. I am kind of but like not really. I’m really regular I really am y’all I’m a regular. 


Girl, I go to the grocery store, I get my own groceries, I cook my own food. I don’t travel with security. Plus, I don’t play that on for me, but don’t try it, but I I find the real joy in my life. That’s what I’m trying to say. Find the real joy in your life. Don’t just exist live. I want you to have real joy in your life.