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Underneath the beautiful voice of gospel singer, Jamie Grace lives a battle she’s trying to overcome. During a recent interview on Pure Talk, she spoke about her battle with Tourette syndrome and overcoming depression.

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Despite going through these things she continues to be an inspiration on her YouTube videos as well as on her songs.

Grace said, “When I was 11 I was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, [obsessive-compulsive disorder], [attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder] and anxiety. And I was like, ‘this is a lot of things to deal with, this is a lot of stuff on my plate.”

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Moreover, depression impacted her life in so many ways that she never thought it would. At one point she even thought about taking her own life.

She said, “I had moments of being suicidal and I had moments of just feeling lost and just wanting to be finished and done. I had a kind of a mindset that I needed to get through my pain to experience joy — that I needed to get through the tunnel to see the light at the other end.”

As the song says “trouble don’t last always” and Grace was able to jump over some of those hurdles in life. She realized that through all those hard times God was right by her side.

Grace mentioned, “It’s about realizing that, even when you’re in the midst of the tunnel, God is reaching in there and He’s saying, ‘I’m not about to make it perfect. I didn’t say I was about to make it easy. Jesus was saying … ‘I’m going to reach in in the middle of that despair; I’m going to be there with you through it. My joy was not something that I had to wait for the pain to end. My joy was something that even though my pain was so great, God’s joy was even greater.”

Lastly, even though today she struggles with anxiety, she lets the power of prayer help her. Singing also gives her the opportunity to comfort her at times when she needs it the most.


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