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Listen, I’m sure everybody remembers a breakup in their lives, and I remember 1 where I had. I didn’t know the breakup was broke up. So I had called and you know, I’m just asking what you doing. I’m about to go workout with my friend. I was like, oh, you going out to work with your friend Steve. He was like, no, I’m going out, you know, to work out with my friend Sheila. And I was like, oh, well, listen, y’all have a good time. 


You know, and I just, you know, try to put my tough girl voice on. And so when I got up the phone, I was sitting there kind of with my mouth hanging open. And I was in my room and I was a little sad. And my dad came in and he encouraged me and, you know, and I was like, dad, I don’t want to laugh right now. He said, I know, but I don’t want you to be sad. And so he gave me my moment in my space, but I remember. God, can you just can you just say something? And I was just so discouraged and I picked up my Bible. I was still standing. The little twin in the twin bed in my room with Tina. And I picked up my Bible and I went to John, 14, and it was the first time I had ever read. Let not your heart be troubled. 



And I just thought it was so cool that in a moment that’s so human and so normal wasn’t a spiritual moment. It was a, you know, a breakup that I was dealing with, but God still cared enough about my heart to let me find a scripture that would speak to where I am and usher me toward healing. Let not your heart be troubled. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you’re dealing with, but if you’re listening to me right now and you need this scripture, make sure you spend some time with John 14:1 Let not your heart be troubled you. 


Even God believe also in me, and really this scripture is really about trusting God in my father’s house. There are many mansions. If it were not so, I would not have told you. God has promised to sow many things to take care of us, to comfort us, to lead us, to guide us. And I want you to trust that when he said it, he was telling the truth. I heard a preacher say faith is acting like what God said is actually true, so no matter what you face the heartbreak, the disappointment, the sickness, the financial issues, the family problems, whatever you’re dealing with, I want you to trust that God’s word is true. Let not your heart be troubled this morning.