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via Madamenoire:

You know it’s real (or at least for the moment) when you consider bringing a boyfriend or girlfriend home with you for the holidays. They meet your family, see where you grew up, look at your embarrassing childhood photos, and become that person your extended family will ask about at every subsequent family gathering and holiday (whether you’re still together or not).

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For some women, that first person they bring home becomes a forever partner, while for others, that person may be the first, but not the last.

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In a special Holidays at the Red Table clip shared to the Red Table Talk Facebook page, Jada Pinkett Smith, mama Adrienne and the always entertaining Willow Smith were asked if they could recall the first guy they brought home for the holidays. Jada shared that for her, it was NBA Hall of Famer, Grant Hill.

“Grant Hill. He was the first boyfriend I brought home for the holidays,” she said. “Who’s happily married to Tamia! Happy holidays to that beautiful couple!”

If you didn’t know they dated, then that tidbit of information is probably a shock. But the two were an item while he was still in college at Duke and she was acting on A Different World. Back in 1993, when they were together, she told the Los Angeles Times that despite his growing prestige at the time as a basketball player, he didn’t let it go to his head.

“What I love about Grant is his innocence,” she said. “He is grounded, not the spoiled type.”

But of course, they would go their separate ways. Jada would go on to marry Will Smith and have Jaden and Willow. And after Grant was introduced to singer Tamia by Anita Baker in 1996, they dated for three years and went on to wed in 1999. They have two daughters.

During the Black Love episode they were featured in on OWN earlier this year, Grant said he knew he’d finally found the one after Tamia made French toast for him.