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So there was a time in my life I was in a stage play. I was so happy to be in the stage play. I was a background singer. I was an understudy. I sold programs. And what else do we do? Me and Tina did wardrobe. So we did make sure that everybody’s clothes were cleaned and in their dressing rooms while we still had all of our other duties. I’m well aware that that was my season of paying dues, of trying to  be a part of the entertainment industry, I had just left home and, you know, luckily it was me and Tina together, so I wasn’t out there by myself, but it was really. It was tough because I had come from my church where I was well loved and I was the lead singer and you know, I heard them cheer for me all the time, to this other space where they did not know me and they did not cheer for me and they did not celebrate me. But I didn’t leave that situation because I believe that there was something for me to learn. 


I believed that I grew as an artist. I grew in professionalism and in so many ways. So you know in the stage play world, your job is to make the audience respond. And if you come on stage and the audience doesn’t respond the possibility of you going home is great. If they don’t laugh at the joke if they don’t saying if they if you do your physical comedy and none of that works right, then it is not looked at as all the audience was different. It’s you didn’t kill tonight. You didn’t bring it tonight. And so we had that constant threat And it was very, I don’t know. We were very nervous all the time. Are we good enough? Are we good enough? Are we good enough? But let me tell you how God works. We went from being in this situation and we toured two different shows. So it was years, months, months, months that we were on the road and working, working, working. When I came home, I came home to record for my first album. So I just come out of this area where I’m trying to be and I’m pushing and I’m and I’m trying and I’m trying to make sure that I’m enough.  


For these people so they can accept me not realizing that I was already enough. That’s why I was there. So by the time I come home and me and Tina start recording, well, you’ve heard our first record. The thankful record with Shack shackles and can’t give up now on all those songs. Right before I was there, I was in a position where I felt like I wasn’t enough all the time. If I had left that space, I probably wouldn’t have cultivated my gifts in a way that prepared me for what was next. The success. That was next my message, my faith walk for you today is walk by faith even in difficult situations. Walk by faith even when they don’t walk like you walk by faith even when they don’t celebrate you. 



If you only spend your time in rooms where they’re calling your name and cheering you on. You never gain the strength to stand in rooms. Where they do not, because you will always encounter those rooms and God wants you to be strong enough to make it and stand and still be great in those rooms.  

So I thank God for my play days. I thank God for that rejection. I thank God for them saying, yeah, you need to work a little harder now. You’re not going up tonight. It’s not good enough. You’re not ready time after time after time it brought me to where I am today. Have enough faith to deal with the tough times, the tough rules and the tough people don’t run, don’t walk away, stand strong and get strong. All right? That is my faith. Walk for the day, ladies and gentlemen. Love you. And I mean it. Now it is time for the birthday. Shout out. Ohh Griffin was a tough time. It was a tough time but I learned a lot about myself.