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OK guys, there’s a scripture. I’ve heard my life. Romans 12 and one my whole life. This is what I’ve heard. I appeal to you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, wholly acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. One version says your spiritual worship. How do you present your body to God?  As a living sacrifice, something to be used for as we know what a sacrifice is, something that is killed. Sacrificed. You know what I mean? For the sake of the cross. For the sake of Christ. For the sake you know of your relationship with God and is that what we do these days? We present our bodies a lot of ways, some of them present our bodies in an unhealthy way. We don’t eat right. We don’t take good care of our flesh. Some of us take too much pride in it and show way more than we should, but I really think that we need to spend some time with the father and really ask him to speak to your heart.  

Listen, I’m not. When you stand before God, I’m not going to be there. I’m just telling you what the word says. Present your body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God. Is it acceptable to God? Should be your question. It should not be. I don’t care what the mothers say, they’re trying to judge me. People think I is it acceptable to God? And when you get dressed and when you’re preparing yourselves and you’re doing what you do with this one body, this one temple is it acceptable to God? We know that God is a healer, and yes, he can heal diseases. But when you are not doing anything to take care of your temple, you won’t walk. You won’t stretch, you won’t drink water, you won’t eat good, you just want fried food and soda. But then you want God to heal everything.  


Are you presenting your body as a as a living sacrifice wholly acceptable? Are are you using any discipline as it relates to your body? Are you using any sacrifice or is it just what I want? How I want you know what I mean and the people just have to get over it. Don’t take the people out of it. Is it acceptable to God? Is the question you ask yourself is what I’m doing is how I’m thinking. Is this acceptable to God? Father does this please you? 


Does this line of thinking line up with you? Does this bring you glory, Father? When I do this like I know a lot of people are online and doing a whole lot of things. God, does this bring you glory? Not people going to be hating people, going to be in the comments. Do I reflect the goodness of God? Do I look like the believer that I say that I am when I act like this. When I do this. So you take your own moment, your own evaluation and just ask yourself according to the word, is it holy and is it acceptable to God?