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Carvin Winans isn’t just a Grammy Award winner, but is a song writer that has worked with so many of the artists we love. His single “Once in a Lifetime” came out last year and will be on his upcoming solo album “In The Softest Way.”

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This will be Carvin’s debut solo album.

As he spoke about doing this after being in the music industry for so long he said, “God’s timing is always perfect.”

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Fans will be excited to know that Stevie Wonder, Kenny G and some other music greats are on the album. Carver spoke about how it wan an amazing time to hear Stevie play the harmonica on the song. He gave insight to the inspiration behind the album which included talking about the love he has for his wife.

During the interview Carver also mentioned how it was to work with Michael Jackson on the “Man In The Mirror” as well as Whitney Houston.

Carver’s new album “Once in a Lifetime” will be out soon and make sure you listen to the full interview up top.

Check out an afternoon with ‘3 WINANS BROTHERS’ below!


An Afternoon With ‘3 WINANS BROTHERS’
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