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Mo’Nique over the last couple of years has spoken out about being Black balled from Hollywood and went on Steve Harvey’s show to speak about it. While on the show Harvey mentioned that Mo’Nique has spoken out about Oprah, Tyler Perry and many more.

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What made some of this conversation so real is because they talked about apologizing. Harvey believes that if Mo’Nique apologizes a bigger conversation will happen with those people and they will apologize to her as well.

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Many view Mo’Nique as a talented comedian that is valuable to our community. Harvey wants these arguments cleared up and believes that Mo’Nique instead of trying to prove a point should’ve gone about the situation differently.

He also felt bad about not reaching out to Mo’Nique during the time where she needed him the most. Harvey wants to help Mo’Nique with her future endeavors and gave a her a heartfelt apology.

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