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I’m Training Not Trying | Ericaism

griff's prayer

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So we picked up the kids from school, dropped off Wozy at his orchestra practice and I’m sitting with Zaya and I said OK, Zaya tell me, where did you win today? Where did you struggle today? And so she went down her little list. And so you mean this is a classic Zaya do you mean emotionally or spiritually or like, what do you mean? I said whichever you want to talk about. 


So, she said, qell, Mama, I I feel like I’m struggling in in trying to do the right thing. Like I’ll be in class and my friends will be talking. And I know I should pay attention to my teacher. But you know, I end up talking to my friends and she said, and now she’s like, I really want to grow in faith more. She’s like, well, I’ll pick up the Bible and she’s like, then all of a sudden, I get distracted by something else. And I said, well, baby grown-ups have a problem with that, and I said here is the solution.  


You can’t try to have a strong relationship, you have to train to have a strong relationship. Trying is casual, but training is intentional. Training says. I know my mind is floating, but I’m a focus. I’m a focus on this one thing and I told her I said don’t try to take a big bite of something. You don’t have to read a whole chapter, just pick a verse. I said you have to trust the process, and then see the progress.  

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So it may be weird. The first week I said, but maybe the next week you’re a little bit more comfortable. I said we don’t try to live right. We trained to live, right, I said. And if you want this at 11 years old, I said, I know some grown people who still have this same struggle and it’s OK, I said, but as you be intentional, I said. And when you struggle and say, hey, mom, let’s do it together. Maybe I can help and we had a really, really great little moment, but I I wanted to share that with you because maybe we could use this information knowing that trying is casual. But training is intentional and if the word tells us that we have to be renewed in our minds, right we are transformed by the renewing of our mind and I love that it’s renewing ING. That’s an action word. That’s something that we have to do more than once that we have to continue to do. And remember that these thoughts are easily easy to leave our brains because there’s so much going on. So we have to remind ourselves and retain this information. And hold it in our heart that we might not sin against God is what the word says.  


So I’m praying that all of us train intentionally to be soldiers for Jesus that we train intentionally to know and trust and stand on his word so that we can share his word because we’re all supposed to be sharing the gospel. And as we learn it, we live it and we share it with someone else. 


That is my Erica ISM for the day! We training, not trying. I’m trying to. It’s like saying I’m trying to lose weight. You ain’t gonna do it if you tying but if you train it trying is a quick word. Thank you, Griff. I appreciate that. But training is a strong word. I’m trained. You stay dedicated to it. Yeah, man, you. You train your brain and your body, and then it becomes a little bit easier before you know it. You trust the process, you see the progress. That’s my archaism for the day, ladies and gentlemen.