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If I had it my way, my life would always be pretty much the same. Some say that’s because I’m a control freak. Others chalk it up to the fact that I’m a Taurus and crave stability and consistency. I wouldn’t argue with either, though I think the fact that I experienced a great deal of instability in my childhood leads me to do whatever I can within my power to minimize chaos and change in my life.

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Unfortunately, that’s not life. The world around us is constantly changing and, try as we might to avoid being impacted by those outside forces, it’s simply not possible. Many belief systems suggest outward change is a necessary part of inner growth, and Sarah Jakes Roberts says the only appropriate response to transition is restructuring.

“If we are not intentional about restructuring our lives there is a version of us that will not live. And there is another version of us that will continue to live that should die,” she says in her sermon “Restructuring.”

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The process of restructuring, however, isn’t easy. There is a great deal of doubt, the path you’re taking may not seem secure, and your faith in the outcome may be shaky. Add to that the fact that your own behavior and mentality has to change to reach the end goal and the reality that everyone in your current circle might not make it there with you and it’s clear restructuring isn’t for the faint of heart — or faith. In other words there will be many deaths — not necessarily physical ones — but losses. And, as Jakes Roberts explains, “These aren’t the types of deaths that you end up thanking God for the separation, not in the moment anyway. There are some things you lose along the way that doesn’t feel good.”Having personally experienced the loss of physical life, professional opportunities, money, and more in the past couple of months, I can certainly attest to what doesn’t feel good. As a result, trusting God feels a bit harder these days.

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“Sometimes trusting God is trusting that when you say goodbye to the good thing that it doesn’t mean you’re no longer going to grow, Jakes Roberts says. “There are moments when the good thing goes and we think that was my one shot and that was my only opportunity…just because that good thing is gone that didn’t have anything to do with your growth…you saying goodbye doesn’t mean that was the end of your purpose or your destiny.”

Because she can say it better than I can (and I’m still learning myself), I thought I’d share her message with you this Sunday in the hope that Jakes Roberts’ words will ease the discomfort, disappointment, and even confusion you feel in the midst of your transition and transformation. Check out the sermon below.


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