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The parents of Cenayia Edwards are asking for protection for their daughter, after the 14-year-old went undercover to expose her classmates racist group chat.

Cenaiya is a student at East Wake High School in North Carolina, and one of her white classmates told her that their peers had created a group chat that exchanged harmful messages about Black people.

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Cenaiya created a fake profile with a white photo to infiltrate the chat group.

“I was like, ‘Add me to it,’ because I wanted to see what they were talking about,” she told ABC.

“And I wanted to have proof that they were talking about this.”

Once she was accepted into the group using a white profile picture, the student saw her classmates write messages like, “Pullin triggers and shootin n——,”and “Kill n—– babies.”

One person said, “bring slavery back.” Another classmate contemplated changing their username to “Black slayer.”

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When Cenaiya called out the classmates for their racist messages, someone wrote to her and said,  “Shut up n—–.”

Her parents are understandably alarmed in the aftermath of this discovery, fearing for their child’s safety.

“It’s very scary,” Cenayia’s mother, Cecelia Pope Edwards, told the press.

“It made me feel uncomfortable because I’m not sure what my daughter’s up against. Because we’re getting text messages from (Cenayia) being upset while she should be studying in her Honors English class about kids laughing because they think using these words or saying that they’re ‘gonna kill black kids’ and ‘if it ain’t white it ain’t right’; ‘if it ain’t white, burn it.’”

Cenayia continued saying, “It made me feel very offended. And to find out who the person was that the group chat I was really shocked.”

The parents are looking of assurance that their daughter will not be harmed as the school investigates the chat.

“We were supposed to hear something back by Tuesday this week,” Cenaiya’s father said.

“The principal is still investigating,” a spokesperson for the school district told ABC.  “It appears that most of the students are from Johnston County, which means the investigation is more complex.”

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