Frequently citing Boston's racist reputation, Black Bostonians took turns explaining why they thought the city's voters continue to pass over qualified Black mayoral candidates.


The parents of Cenayia Edwards are asking for protection for their daughter, after the 14-year-old went undercover to expose her classmates racist group chat.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is under fire for creating and displaying numerous posters depicting a Black student with crime scene tape wrapped around her neck in an advertisement for the school’s criminal justice program.

Flyers promoting the Confederate Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were found Sunday morning by residents of Henrico County in Virginia.

J. Alexander's restaurant is being accused of racial profiling.


A U.S. Coast Guard officer who was caught flashing a white supremacist hand signal on live TV has received the lightest of punishments.

An Alabama family is reeling after their 9-year-old daughter’s tragic suicide.

Susan Westwood, dubbed South Park Susan, has surrendered to police.

In GRIFF's Prayer, GRIFF says overheard a woman loudly proclaim, "I'm a racist."

Erica speaks about Jane Elliot, who is an anti-racism activist and has been since the death of Martin Luther Kings Jr. Some of Elliots thoughts are that we hate because we are taught to hate. She said, “We are all apart of one race and that’s the human race.” Bigots aren’t born they are taught […]