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It’s time for the faith. Walk of the day. I want to share something that I saw last night. Actually, at the one Hallelujah tour, there’s a room full of people and everybody’s praising God. And we are singing. I’m a friend of God and no, we’re not. We’re singing. You are good all the time. And Lord, you’re good. And your mercy and your forever and the whole audience is up. And it’s just one little boy that’s on his phone and he’s sitting next to his mother. And I understand that a lot of people, you know, that’s what they do in church nowadays. And they give their kids their phone. So they’re occupied. But I’m afraid I’m afraid that we’re telling them that church is not important and paying attention to a move of God is not important, that your phone, it is OK that when God is moving to keep your eyes on the phone and not experienced in joy, be engulfed by the praise and the presence of God. 


And so I’m just a little concerned, because if the Bible tells us to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart and we’re training them up to be in service while the power of God is moving and be on your phone. And that’s more important. Now we say they can’t pay attention, but somehow they can stay on their phone for hours and hours, but we need to make sure that we are teaching them that when the power of God is moving, you get in the flow of the presence, because when they’re not in church, they’re going to need to remember the flow of the presence, because what we know is that the enemy will fight our children and they need to be equipped. How are they equipped? They’re equipped by the music of God, by the Word of God, by experience. Dances about being around other young people. They are not equipped to fight the enemy if their face is in their phone the whole time.  

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Now listen, I’m an old school Mama. I can be sitting in church. I can be doing alter calling. If I look over and say’s on her phone, I’m gonna say somebody get that phone out of day’s hand. Sorry. Sorry. I’m not going to let my the devil sift my child as he wants to take them away. He wants us to. He wants us to actually think that they’re incapable now. Kids, brains. It’s scientifically proven. Their ability to learn and grasp things. We know this because a kid can pick up a phone to learn how to work a phone better than you can because their ability to learn and grasp and understand things. Don’t you dare let the enemy trick you into thinking that your child cannot learn about God at a young age, and if they learn about God at a young age and the teenage years when he rarely trying to pull them away, they will be equipped. They will still have a battle. They will still have to fight, but they will be equipped because they’ve been in the flow of the presence of God. We’ve got to teach our children that the presence of God is important. 


Hebrews 11 we see that faith is what gives us strength to follow that voice, even when we can’t see where it’s leading us. Make no mistake about it, faith takes hard work. It takes trust and the ability to ignore the distractions around us. Now that is a version that they’ve specifically crafted for young people to teach them the word of God. One must be wise to one souls. One must be wise to one youth. What we cannot do is treat them like they don’t understand. I think that we need to make sure that even if they’re in children’s church, they’re learning the word of God. They’re learning the music of God. They’re learning how to fight the enemy. They’re learning how to do things that will help them grow in their faith. That is not something you wait to do to their in their 20s, all is lost. If we wait by then.  

So we’ve got to make sure that even at a young age, we are teaching our kids how about? Jesus, it is not just up to them. If you feel like you had something that could change someone’s life, that could make them better, that could give them the tools that equip them to fight the enemy and really, really succeed in life. Why? Would you not give it to them. Why would you make it leisure? Well, you know, I’ll let them just find their faith on their own. The enemy is after you. 




He the enemy. Like, well, maybe they’ll pick me, and maybe they’ll pick God now. It’s going after your kids 365. We’ve got to make sure that we prepare this next generation to love and serve. Jesus, don’t call them crazy. Don’t say they got ain’t got no sense. Stop talking about all the young people, let’s teach them. Alright. I love us on purpose. I love you and I mean it.