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If you caught the legendary Verzuz battle with Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight on Sunday night then you definitely witnessed a part of history! The highly anticipated event had over a half of million people glued to their computer and smartphones  to watch the two living legends play music, crack jokes and cut up like two aunties over wine and pie at Sunday dinner.

Patti LaBelle, like most of us, is still glowing over the night that’s sure to be one of the most memorable in the Swizz Beatz/Timbaland curated series and to keep the momentum going, she visited The Estelle Show on Apple Music Hits to chat more, including the very moment she kicked off her shoe and sent social media into a frenzy!  “This is a stage show, right? So honey, when I’m standing up and doing Over The Rainbow, I kick my shoes off, but I have a long way for that shoe to fly, honey, that shoe kicked off and landed on my knee, I have scars on my right knee. That heel went in my knee. I said, “Oh Jesus.” I said, “So will I be able to finish dancing because this knee is hurting me so bad?” But that was a moment that I love because it was real. It was real.”

The living legend also opened up about her relationship with fellow icon, Gladys Knight, whom she refers to as “sister.” “There were a lot of moments because of my sharing everything, Gladys sharing everything. And we came out as not battle girls, we’re not competing, we’re just going to be ourselves and tell our great stories because we’ve been together, her and I, maybe for 40 years knowing each other and working on the same show. And Sister Gladys has a whole lot to share with the world and she’s honest also. So it was just fun. I was a big fan of hers before the show, now a bigger one now.”
She also opened up about her second love, cooking, and of course her Thanksgiving household favorite, Patti’s Pie, because if there’s one thing we know and love about Ms. Patti (aside from her soulful hits and love for kicking off her shoes) it’s that she can throw down in the kitchen! “I had to do it because it was from my heart,” she explained. “I’ve been cooking all my life and for me to put a product in a Walmart or in some other stores that I’m in and people actually purchase it and talk about Patti’s Pie, Patti’s Peach Cobbler, my macaroni, the savory foods that I have out now. So it makes me feel so good because that’s my second love, singing is first, cooking is second.”

And when asked if she had any advice for the youth today, Ms. Patti says that it would be to vote. “Because that would put us all in a greater mind if our vote counts the way it should, because then everybody would have a better life, a better outlook on life, and a more positive looking forward to what’s going to happen in their lives. But if you don’t vote and you sit home complaining after you didn’t vote, don’t say one word because the choice is yours and you can make it a better place because we all have to vote.”

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