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Hey, fam! You may have seen me writing around here recently, but allow me to officially introduce myself: I’m Keenan —you can call me “HIGz” for short. With a name like that, you could imagine how many times I’ve heard growing up, “…, where’s Kel?” After decades of grimacing at the question, I can finally answer it; he’s here doing an exclusive interview with us!

When considering the longstanding career of Kel Mitchell, you can’t help but laugh — and no, not in a bad way. The seasoned comedian got his start as a teen on the hit ’90s Nickelodeon variety show All That, which soon led to his own classic sitcom titled Kenan & Kel alongside now-SNL star Kenan Thompson. In the time since, he’s launched a successful career for himself that includes movies (who could forget Good Burger!), producing a few even (Dance Fu), and an extremely consistent career on television.

So, what’s he up to now? We can show you better than we can tell you.

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Kel sat down with Black America Web for an exclusive sit-down that any person by the name of Keenan would consider a destined conversation. During our talk, the Dancing with the Stars runner-up spoke candidly about a handful of topics, and yes it definitely includes his love for orange soda. However, his love for water and getting it to children who need it the most is a much greater affinity for him.

This past Saturday (May 22) Kel, his wife Asia Lee-Mitchell and their family joined people from around the globe for the largest virtual 6K walk for clean water. American families struggling throughout the pandemic inspired this initiative, one that Kel hopes will spread to the masses given the fact that clean water is critical to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Peep Black America Web’s exclusive chat with Kel Mitchell as he meets “the new Keenan” to discuss his partnership with World Vision as a way to fight for access to clean H2O through the Global 6K for Water, the recent premiere of season 2 for his new MTV show, Deliciousness and the biggest question of all: orange soda or water?

We got to the bottom of it all — enjoy!


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