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Angela White is a film producer, talent and business affairs executive and member of the Producer’s Guild of America who specializes in creating compelling, commercial material with a distinct perspective.

The founder of Silver Lining Entertainment, a family owned Multimedia Entertainment Company based in Los Angeles, White is behind several acclaimed productions including Busted with Rockmond DunbarThe Sin Seer, starring Isaiah Washington and Salli Richardson; the TV movie  Who Can I Run To? starring gospel artists Tasha Page Lockhart, Marvin Sapp and Jessica Reedy and the rom-com My Favorite Five, which stars Rochelle Aytes, Brian White and Jay Ellis.

 A Question of Faith is her highly anticipated Christian film, starring  Richard T. Jones, Kim Fields, T.C. Stallings, C. Thomas Howell, Jaci Velasquez, Gregory Alan Williams and Renee O’Connor.

KW: I was very moved by A Question of Faith. What interested you in the project?

My executive producer, Dr. Cameron Lewis, woke up one morning and encouraged me to look for a “faith-based movie” for our next production, so I started to reach out to my network to see who had a good inspirational story and found “A Question of Faith” after a long and extensive search.

How did you go about assembling the cast?

With all my feature films, I hire a casting director, and we start with a wish list of actor’s names that we think could embody the story and characters. My wish list never quite works out, but God always knows what he is doing as the cast was perfectly made for this film. We had an extensive casting call in Atlanta, and found at least a dozen local Georgia residents, all of whom starred in the picture.

 What does it mean to you to be the first African-American female to release a faith-based film theatrically?

 It is a mixture of emotions from, “Wow, we are in 2017 and there are still firsts, to I am honored to carry that torch, as so many before me have done. I would not be in this position if it weren’t for the many African-American pioneer filmmakers who enabled us new ones to excel at our jobs.

What’s your target demo? Evangelicals, Blacks or general audiences?

This film is for general audiences, as we discuss several, timely social themes relevant to all demographics. Everyone can understand and empathize with feelings of compassion, loss, anger, feelings of guilt, shame, and not being able to forgive. The film shows families in situations that most people can relate to or know people who have been in those situations and are seeking some form of guidance or comfort.

What message do you want people to take away from the film?

 ‘A Question of Faith’ is a powerful story about forgiveness, racial reconciliation and how God’s love, grace and mercy can work in your life. I would love for people to step back in their own lives and think about how they can be a better person to their fellow man, how they can learn that not forgiving can lead to years of anger and resentment that does more harm than good, how we are all one people, and how God only sees our heart.

‘A Question of Faith’ transcends time, race, gender, class and religious ideology. This is a film that can open one’s heart and make a person reevaluate some of their own personal life decisions. We want people to walk away knowing the word of God is there to comfort you and that having faith in what you can not see is okay, as God has your life covered, and the questions you may have are already answered.


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