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WE tv Hosts Exclusive Premiere Event For The Final Season Of Mary Mary

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Last night some fans and the people of We TV got together to watch the premiere episode of the finale season of Mary Mary. Tina and Erica Campbell were in attendance to talk about the journey of Mary Mary and thanked everyone for their continued support.


While watching the premiere episode some of the past issues were talked about, but this season they just might get settled. Warren Campbell, Erica’s husband and the producer of their group sat down with the ladies about possibly recording one more album for Sony. Very similar to last season Tina didn’t necessarily agree with that plan. Erica wanted to bond with her sister more and took her on a hilarious camping trip that only lasted a couple of hours.


Tina and Teddy are still working on their relationship and you see the ups and downs they go through. The sisters also get a special invitation to travel to Israel to perform and has a surprise for the entire family. Get ready for the final season of Mary Mary and watch on WE tv September 28th at 9/8 c.

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