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The final season of “Mary Mary” has begun and KevOnStage has a lot to say about it. KevOnStage talked about the web series “10 Minutes with Tina and Teddy,” he talked about how it’s a great concept and after they have a disagreement. He also mentioned that all marriages deal with arguments, but Tina continues to bring up Teddy’s cheating.


He also didn’t think it was right that Teddy couldn’t discuss or share how he felt because he was the cheater. KevOnStage brought up the scene where Warren brought the ladies to the old studio to try to get them to think about recording another “Mary Mary” album, but he doesn’t think that’s going to happen because of Tina. She is only focusing on what she wants to and Kev mentioned if they do record this will be the final album as well.

Both Tina and Erica have singles released on the same day and Kev mentioned this is like gospel beef. He related it to Kanye West and 50 Cent except between sisters. The exciting news is though that the whole family is going to Israel. KevOnStage can’t wait to talk about next weeks episode next week!

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