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For most kids it’s homecoming season, but for Jeremiah Cline it’s another day in the hospital. Cline just finished his third round of chemotherapy and couldn’t leave for homecoming at school. He is a freshman at Edison High School and his girlfriend Madison Bitgood wanted to do something special for him.

According to WESH 2, Bitgood along with the staff at the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh decorated a space where they could dance and enjoy homecoming despite being at the hospital. Cline with a smile said, “I saw her in her dress and I knew what was happening.” His mother was so happy he got the opportunity to have a homecoming.


She took pictures of them two dancing and celebrating the moment. Cline’s mother said, “I haven’t seen him smile like this since being diagnosed.” As for Cline he has more time to spend at the hospital and despite it all was so happy to have that special event with his girlfriend.

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