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Erica Campbell: So at my birthday celebration this weekend, at our picnic, the barbecue on Saturday, I had words, and something that I encouraged my family with was to “continue to reach.” And the reason I wanted to specifically talk about reaching is because it implies that is that there is something within your grasp. Reaching doesn’t require running, it just requires extension. Extending yourself, extending your mind extending your hand extending yourself to where you want to go. So you have to ask yourself, am I reaching, right? If God has a plan for your life, if there’s a purpose and he already plans to hope and a future, you know, for I know, the plots that I think toward you, says the Lord, the plans of good and not evil, plans of good not to harm you to give you a hope and a future.


If you know that scripture, then you believe that there is something that’s already destined for you, right. But if you don’t reach for it, you will never get there. If you wait for someone to call you knock on your door, send it to you give it to you place it in your lap, you ain’t never gonna get it. That’s bad English, but I feel like I hope you feel my point, you ain’t never double negative, ain’t never gonna get it. If you don’t reach, when is reaching, start reaching starts in your mind because you believe that there’s something attainable you wouldn’t extend yourself for something that you don’t believe that’s there. So if you are not reaching the opposite implies that maybe you don’t believe that it’s there. And I want you to know that there’s so much for you. But you’ve got to reach for it. You’ve got to stretch outside of your borders outside of the normal things that you do. You’re trying to get closer to God, but you’re trying to get closer to God the same way you’ve been doing it all your life, which means you want more, that means it’s time to change.

So study more. So maybe add more, more work to your daily practices. So you get deeper and you grow further in God, but you’ve got to reach spiritually, you’ve got to reach relationally you’ve got to reach some of you want relationships, but you keep doing the same thing and you’re not getting any different results. It’s time to do something different. It is time to reach for something more. You want your money to change. You want your family to change, reach for something more, don’t say things like well, I guess it is what it is no, it is what I work for. That’s what I truly believe. I never accept life as it is not what God told me that there’s a possibility if more one of my favorite scripture scriptures is God will do exceedingly abundantly above all you could ever ask think or imagine why so many adjectives why because he had to let you know that there is greater for you but you’ve got to reach for it.

Faith without works is dead but faith works if you work it and faith doesn’t mean just sitting there and going I believe I believe I believe you got to do the work part the action part the get up part the study part the research part, right then knocking on doors and sending emails, making phone calls not being shy or embarrassed putting yourself out there to go somewhere more different than where you’ve always been. If you want to do something you are never done you got to if you want to get something you never got you got to do something you’ve never done go get show blesses their blessings with your name on it but far too many of you are sitting waiting you are not too old. It is not over we don’t care what you’ve done. So what there is redemption for all of us to reach it’s time for you to reach all right. That is my area isn’t for the day, ladies and gentlemen. Love you and I mean it as Griff I just want people to be great. On the push for greatness, push for greatness.