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Mother’s Day is coming this weekend and the Get Up! Chruch wants to make sure all the moms are celebrated and taken care of at the brunch or dinner table. Chef David Rose, author of the book EGGin’: David Rose Cooks on the Big Green Egg” joins the show to give us some delicious and healthy meals to make for the moms! Chef Rose has appeared on Food Network, Good Morning, America, the Today Show, an ambassador for the “Big Green Egg,” and spokesperson and executive chef for Omaha Steaks.

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Erica Campbell: I know you have a healthy recipe to share with us for those who want to cook for their moms this Mother’s Day. But we’ll get to that in just a moment. First, tell us how long you’ve been cooking and briefly share your story with us.

Chef David Rose: It feels like I’ve been cooking since birth. Both my parents are chefs, so I’ve always been surrounded by good food. Raised in a very devout Pentecostal Christian background. So the very first thing I made was actually french toast for my mom for Mother’s Day when I was five years old. So I’ve been cooking since I was five, which is about 35 years and professionally for about 16 years.

Erica: Wow, that is so awesome. Your first cookbook “Eggin” was a best-seller on Amazon. Tell us a little bit about vegan, which I’m a connoisseur. So I’m happy about this conversation right now with you.

Chef Rose: It is such a blessing. It really truly is. The books that I’ve since December of 2021. And around February 23rd, My birthday actually (Pisces!) it hit number one on Amazon in the grilling category. So super blessed. Thank God for that. And, you know, to have a combination of me creating the book, the concept writing it being out hitting number one, it was amazing. So we’re gonna try and make that a consistency on Amazon and other platforms as well.

Erica: So listen, I hear you’re gonna help us. We love shrimp and grits and you have a recipe that’s a little healthy. How do you how do we do this? Give us the tips.

READ Chef David Rose’s Lightened Up Shrimp and Grits Recipe

Chef Rose: So just kind of a couple of omissions and substitutions. As you know, this is a recipe, a slightly altered recipe of a traditional shrimp and grits and again, so we’re doing a couple of things. First off, instant grits. The majority of people use instant grits, toss it out of the garbage toss it away. We’re not using that (because) its processed. You’re getting rid of a lot of the nutrients. We’re using yellow stone-ground grits instead of that, as far as cheese. Most people want to offer cheddar cheese and cream cheese. Stuff like that always has a lot of saturated fat but tastes delicious. You can get the same great flavors, same creaminess, and half the fat by using mozzarella cheese.

And a lot of times people opt for like a cream-based off with the sauce for the grits. So we’re actually doing a tomato-based sauce, a little bit of tomato paste, chicken broth, real good flavor, any grill that because that grill that smoke you already know as an egg connoisseur, that grill adds that Je ne sais quo that certain unknown deliciousness that we’re grilling the grip, grilling the strip rather, so it’s not soaking and stopped up and all that sauce. It’s just a little bit of dowsing, depending on how much you want a tomato sauce. So with those couple of combinations, you’re cutting some of that fat, some of those calories down, but losing none of the flavors.

Erica: I love it. I love it. We’re talking to Chef David Rose his cookbook “Eggin” is available on Amazon. Follow him on social media @ChefDavidRose. And to get his full Shrimp & Grits recipe with every step and all the instructions, go to and we’ll post the recipe for Sea Bass as well. I love sea bass. Oh my god. I’m so at my art inner foodies are going crazy. I don’t even understand. Thank you so much for being with us today. We appreciate you! Make sure you follow him on social media at Chef David Rose. We appreciate you have a great day sir.