Meet Rana Coleman, the founder, and chief executive officer of RSColeman & Associates, LLC  a new staffing company dedicated to helping African Americans and other minorities find employment in the legal field.

During a recent interview with Black News, Coleman, who has nearly 15 years of legal expertise, gushed about the company’s mission of representation and equal rights.

“My initial thought process when I first started this company was to open the door for African Americans with getting into legal positions whether it’s being an attorney, being a legal secretary, a paralegal, a legal assistant, or someone coming fresh out of law school or out of undergrad,” the Flint, Michigan native shared. “I want to open the door so that we’re more represented because unfortunately, in my experience from the different positions that I’ve held, I don’t see us there. It’s not like we don’t have the credentials, the knowledge, and the passion for the field, we do, but we’re not being represented.”

Coleman received her bachelor’s and a law degree from the University of Detroit Mercy. With determination and grit, she worked her way up in the world of the law taking on a number of different legal roles, but as she climbed up the ranks, the passionate attorney began to notice that there was a lack of diversity across all sectors of the industry.

“At one of the major law firms, I had the opportunity to work for I noticed that there were only three African Americans working there out of a staff of about 40 people myself included. Seeing that really pushed me to get my company off the ground, because I could no longer ignore the need to find a way to create more employment opportunities for African Americans in the legal sector.”

While the industry has seen a tremendous amount of growth over the years, Coleman said she hopes to make an impact, especially among Black women, who are currently underrepresented in the field.

“Right now, 3% of attorneys are black women many choosing to walk away from the field because of lack of opportunity,” she noted.

Hopefully, that will change now that RSColeman & Associates, LLC will be providing aspiring Black legal talent with the tools they need to thrive.