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Kyle Dail - black man killed by dallas police

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Another day, another aggressive arrest of a Black man turned deadly.

Last Thursday night, 30-year-old Kyle Dail was shot and killed by a Dallas, Texas, police officer while officers attempted to arrest him on suspicion of drug dealing at an LBJ Food Mart, according to WFAA 8. The Dallas Police Department said Dail had evaded arrest earlier that night but he returned to the food mart later on and that’s when officers approached and tackled him in the back of the store.

From WFAA:

As shown in the portions of body camera video and surveillance video that police have released, police say they tackled Dail because they had been chasing him earlier that night, feared he had a gun, and didn’t want to give him a chance to run again. But 27 seconds into the struggle, in video that police spotlighted, police say Dail raises a handgun near an officer’s face and then throws the gun away. 

But one officer had already made the decision to open fire. 

So, basically, a cop waited until an armed Black man was unarmed before he shot and killed him.

“He actively disarmed himself. And they shot him,” civil rights attorney Justin Moore, who is representing Dail’s family, said. “That’s not justified. That’s criminal.”

Also, let’s be real: This arrest never had any chance of being peaceful after cops decided to tackle Dail without proper warning while his back was turned to them inside the store. This wasn’t even a failure to de-escalate—it was an intentional escalation from the very start.

Anyway, on Tuesday, Dail’s family joined Dallas activist Dominique Alexander in demanding that the DPD release all of the unedited videos, “including any dashcam and helicopter videos to prove the chase happened, WFAA reported. They also demanded the officer who killed Dail be fired and charged with Dail’s death.

“You can’t just take a child of God like that away from us like that with no reasoning,” Dail’s brother, Sarandon Steward, said. “At the end of the day, we should still have him here with us today, but we don’t.”

“Time, money, nothing you could say, do, protest, nothing would ever make me feel right about this,” Dail’s sister Kinesha Dail said.

“Now at the end of the day, Kyle probably did have a gun,” Alexander said. “What we’re saying is that we do not live in the America where you blur, or edit, or alter a video, and yet we just take it because the Dallas Police Department said it. No, that relationship and level of transparency, whether you’re black, blue, green or white has been gone away a long time in this country.”

Meanwhile, the Dallas Community Police Oversight Board is asking for patience while the special investigations unit of DPD and the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office investigates the deadly arrest.

“I’m a Black man. I just saw a Black man be killed by the police. Right or wrong there is an emotional piece to that,” Jesuorobo Enobakhare Jr., of the Oversight Board said. “But, we have to sit back and let the investigation happen.”

As for the additional footage of the incident, a DPD spokesperson said that “additional videos will not be released at this time as this is an ongoing criminal investigation.”

The Dallas Police Department’s SIU is investigating the officer-involved shooting,” the statement continued. “The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office is also conducting their own investigation into the shooting.”

So, now we wait to see how this one turns out. As usual, we probably shouldn’t hold our breath in hopes that fair justice will be served.

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