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As Americans continue to cope with the higher cost of living due to inflation, more and more people are living check to check, but it’s time to get free. It’s time to be debt free. It’s time to generate wealth for ourselves and for our families. And back with us today to talk about utilizing your skills to help you build wealth is personal finance expert Anthony O’Neal. He’s also the host of the popular YouTube show “The Table.” good morning, Anthony O’Neal. 










Many of us have a “lack of utilizing skills” problem. Explain what you mean.

O’Neal: You know, you know when I think about you know this that this subject, right? It’s really more so about thinking about Erica, you know she was nominated for a Grammy and she’s using the gifts and the skills that God put on the inside of her grip. Who’s an amazing comedian? He’s using the gifts and the skills that God has put on the inside of us and fearfully. I believe God seriously wanted who made all of us right. So there’s something on the inside of us that can make us mostly that can generate income for us.

I think a lot of people in America are selling for the nine to five jobs, which is great. Let’s be good stewards of that, but at this time, at the same time, what is it that you can generate from the side that can make money for you? And also now you can turn into a business and get the tax benefits that the wealthy are getting. A lot of people think that we have an income problem and the truth is. Is we have a lack of utilizing our skills problem and I just want to help people understand like hey we can all make an extra $1000 a month from home or up to five or 10 or however much you want to make. But you gotta be willing to step out on save and learn how to. Tap into the skills God gave you.