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‘Championship Moms’ Shows Supporting NCAA Talent Is A Family Affair

Championship Moms Ep. 1

Source: iOne Digital / iOne

Championship Moms is a new limited series from iOne Digital that shines a spotlight on some of the biggest talent from the NCAA tournament, and their mothers.

From zipping across the nation to watch games, to dealing with injuries, to making sense of NIL deals, Championship Moms will document the behind the scenes drama that comes with supporting male and female athletes competing at high level in the college basketball world. The featured talent is Cleone Boston, mother of Aliyah Boston of the University of South Carolina, and Elbe Braithwaite, mother of J’wan Roberts of the University of Houston.

The docu-style series will not just show the high and lows but also relay the strengthening of the bonds between college athlete and parent along their journey.

Watch the first episode of Championship Moms above. 


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