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Mr Griffin: You Can Have What God Tells You

Mr. Griffin

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You might be seeing on social media grips comedy club. I got to thank Tanisha Murray Butler for having this vision with me and she’s the owner of the Red Velvet Bistro and grits and tease brunch bar. She’s a serial entrepreneur, but I told her about the comedy club idea. 

But here’s what’s funny since her and I met Saturday to confirm that we were going to do this thing and her business partner Reggie and my manager, Shelby, the enemy, has been coming at me, whispering. You can’t have a comedy club. 

So the other day I was like, why? And he was like, cause your dad whooped you when he was a kid. I was like my dad, me and my dad is cool. I called Pastor Shai in New Jersey and I said the enemy is whispering things to me and I, you know, I don’t know what to say. And he told me about Numbers 23: 1-20 and Deuteronomy 28 and 13. And he said that, you know, when because of how we was brought up in our background. 

You know, PTSD is black people you so used to losing that a win feel like a setup. And he said whereas people who win all the time when they lose, they feel like it’s rigged. That’s why Trump would rather believe that the election was rigged versus believing he lost, you know, and then he and then my homeboy Pastor said, I said it’s your time to live as the winner God has created you to be. 

Everything that happened in your life was preparing you to win, not setting you up to fail. And then, he said last thing, when we talk about Joseph ending up in the pit and in prison. But when he got to the palace, he never went down again. He died from the top. And let me just tell an entrepreneur or somebody that’s working on something. You can do it. 

God ain’t gonna bring you all the way here. Why would he let you go through molestation and abuse and homelessness and and and everything to say, you know what? Alright, I’ve you’ve had a good enough life. Let me let go back to regular. If God can tell you, you can have a comedy club or you can. Have a home. Or you can have a family or you can have a spouse. Hold on to that. 


Trust that, and then and then to back it up because you know, it’s not like somebody busting the door and say you can have nothing you. It’s all in your head. So when I start to feel like that when I start getting triggers or anxieties of the world. I just listen to gospel music. You can have what God tells you, you could have because his promises. 




Everybody’s supposed to be quiet in the movie, though. Don’t say nothing!  🤣