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Stan Jones Stops By To Talk About His New Single “The Promise” With The Mississippi Mass Choir

GUMEC Interview Graphic Graphic Stan Jones

Source: Reach Media / Radio One Digital

Welcome Stan Jones of the Mississippi Mass Choir to the Get up church! He’s an award-winning singer and songwriter, and he’s here with us today.

Jones stopped in to talk about this new song, the promise from the Mississippi Mass Choir, his 34th-anniversary project. Erica asked, “You wrote this song and you’re singing lead on it. Tell us what this song means to you.”This song is a song of faith. You know when the Lord speaks. To you and says he’s gonna do something. He’s a man that he cannot lie. So you have to believe that it’s going to happen just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen when he says it.” said Jones.



Check out Stan Jones had everything to say about the special anniversary project, special guest, and more in our exclusive interview.