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Keep Going Keep Fighting| Ericaism

griff's prayer

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Over the weekend I was talking to a friend who was having a tough time and they were having a tough time at a bad time, you know, had to deliver, had to, to work, had to do their thing, but they were really just broken in the moment. I had to be sensitive, had to be patient, but I had to talk them through it. I had to tell him it’s not the right time and that timing is everything in life. 

You have to remember that the enemy attacks you right at the point when you’re close to greatness. If every time you get to that moment, you know every time I get there, something almost always knocks me down. That’s the enemy’s job and it’s your job too knowing I can’t tell you enough, and I know that this world that we live in now is way more sensitive and attentive, and that’s a good thing to a certain extent. And let me tell you, you will not get to greatness if you crumble every time you get to the finish line. You’ll never get to greatness if every time something happens you fall apart. 

Apart, you’ll see what you’re made of in life, because life will throw you curveballs, difficult things, somebody’s sick, job issues, money issues, relationship issues, just issues with yourself growing older and embracing what that means and what that feels like. You cannot crumble. You cannot throw in the towel. You cannot give up. 

You have more in you than what you know. You’re going to get to greatness, but you have to fight. 


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