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God Said No | Ericaism

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I love trying new things and going new places, but every now and again I will try something new and I will hear the Lord speak to me. That happened last week. I was doing something cool and you know good for body and at the end of my treatment, I literally could hear the Holy Spirit say and don’t come back. And so I was like, am I tripping? Was it, is it? Am I being weird?

But here’s what you have to know. It is so easy to give the enemy. Because the enemy is very good at making it seem like it. That’s just what they think that’s just what they feel. That’s just what they believe.



And sometimes cosigning and, aligning yourselves with those things can be dangerous. I won’t go into detail because everybody situation is different, and I don’t want to, you know. I don’t want to screw you either way.

I’m just sharing my experience, but here’s the message that I want you to hear today when God speaks. Listen, don’t question it. Don’t don’t say, oh, I’m just tripping. No, when God is literally speaking to you and you hear, uh, when you hear an NO in your spirit, then listen to the Father and it is OK.

Get bold enough and get strong enough to make your departure.



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