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I Choose Peace | Mr. Griffin

Mr. Griffin

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For today’s Mr. Griffin, GRIFF opens up about choosing peace…

So you know, last week, Erica, I got a gang of DM’s from people saying, man, what you said about your wife. And when Erica interviewed you. It it was very random. You remember he was like, hey, I’m gonna interview you for my love talk. And I was like alright, and we play music and like we ain’t go over there now. 

I got so many messages from dudes saying, man, that’s so real. And women saying that’s what I’m talking about, you know. And let me tell y’all something. It still don’t make just cause I said that when Erica don’t make our relationship easy. We had like, a really tough conversation the other day, but we made it through and let me tell you why. Ohh man for real because I chose peace. I wanted the violence. I wanted all the smoke. You know, one thing about Griff is he want to smoke. I want all the smoke, but not at my house. I don’t think I chose peace and the enemy was like. And then when you I don’t even. I was like. I choose peace. I get no victory, no win, no nothing. 

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I’m choosing peace and my mental inside, I was like, yeah, but if you choose peace, you won’t be able to choose peace. I’m gonna do it. God’s way. I am not gonna do it my way, cause my way sucks. And that’s the nicest way I can say it, lady. And jump newlyweds 30 year marriages. I’m learning from y’all. 

I got a lot of friends that’s been married. I got a lot of friends that’s been married less than me. I got a lot of friends that’s been married as long as Erica and 22 and 25 and 28 years. And I’m always listening and what they say the most is the the tough, the tough conversations are going to come.

The tough situations are going to come. But it’s what you choose in those situations that can change the entire situation, so I’m just grateful and thankful I passed that one test, then I’ll be I’ll be losing a bunch of y’all don’t. A grade point average with Jesus ain’t the best like I’m probably in remedial school or something, but that one I just did the other day choosing peace. I thank God for that one because that. Let me tell you something. This is how much peace I chose. 


My wife came to pick me up from the airport and she knew it was gonna be an argument all the way to the house as soon as she picked me up from the airport and opened the door, I got on. My knees in. The street at Hartsfield Airport and apologized and asked her would she accept my apology? And she did. And on the way home, she got her whole talk on, and I even say I just. 


I chose peace.