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Faith Walking: Just Trust God

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So I was talking to a friend and we were just kind of chopping it up and about the need to love and forgive people and, you know, and she was saying, right. And so I kind of chuckled a little. But saying of the day I’m moved different or you know when people say I’m in my feelings. Hear about what that is, because there’s some very questionable about that great different meaning. 

So her example was, you know, you’re out front, so you have to forgive, endure people and sometimes they’re mean and some. But you know, I just move different and she said, I mean I don’t forgive. People just miss the Lord with my whole heart I don’t, you know. I mean for him to direct my path. And she was like, no, like, no, I’m not. I said when the enemy is listening to you, it’s kind of in the middle place. And when you say people when God told me to trust. When you tells us for if you forgive others, their truth, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if trespasses neither will your father forgive. 




And then if you can move to Ephesians, if you want anger and clamor and slander, be put away from you. Here’s what it tells you to do you? be kind to forgiving one another as God in Christ, right? 

So if you hold it, if you go hold on, forgive also allow the enemy to kind of have a key. To your heart and you know, but we don’t. We know everybody forgive. But you know what? They want to read after our forgive. We don’t hear that our word like turn, not just away from what happened, but the mind doing that again to somebody else, I get what Jesus says this should give and repent and repent not. 

Listen, forgive your heart. 

But here’s what I love about Jesus y’all dude. 

Another opportunity to get it right, move different.