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Power In The Name of Jesus | Ericaism

griff's prayer

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You know, unfortunately, we are in a very suspicious untrusting, cynical, kind of world, and it’s always disheartening and I get it people are crazy. You gotta look out. But, you know, I say it all the time that God didn’t tell us to trust people he told us to trust him. And if you got the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost will tell you, let me tell y’all what happened yesterday? God the devil. I was going for an appointment that I had and I’m about to park and I see this guy walk up and he holds his finger. So I cracked the window a little bit cause you. Know it’s a people are crazy and it starts telling me. Ohh, you’re such a nice person. I can tell I can just, I can just feel it. You’re a nice person. I was like, oh, thank you. He was like and you love to help other people is like I do. Oh, thank you. But then he start tapping the center of his head like the third eye he started tapping the center of his head. He did that, I said, Oh yeah, God and then he kept talking. He’s like, you know, I just want to tell you. That that you’re going to do great things I said. Oh, yeah Jesus is going to help me do great things. Y’all, when I said Jesus, the man jumped and walked away from my car. The devil knows the devil knows who I am he knows me. 



And so sometimes he tries to use these counterfeit people to come up and quote, UN quote, encourage you. But he kept tapping when he kept doing that third eye thing I knew was the devil automatically. And I was like, I’m not about to let you impart anything into my life. Here’s the clincher y’all here’s where it’s. But uncomfortable y’all be careful, letting the devil speak into your life cause it sounds good. You know what I said? You on social media and sometimes we are reposting things and sometimes we are liking things and following these pages and it don’t have nothing to do with God. I heard you we have to be careful and let the Holy Spirit. 

Speak loud and clear so you won’t be sifted as wheat, so you won’t be deceived by the he false Angel of light. The Bible says that sometimes the devil comes as an Angel of light. There you go. He wants to deceive you. So yesterday the devil tried to come to me. You, you drunk you. Got ohh, you’re so great. You really hit? You have a great heart. But he kept tapping that spot. Where people refer to the third eye. I don’t have the third eye. I have the Holy Ghost. 


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