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God Will Shift Your Plans | Ericaism

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I want to talk about what to do when you feel like, quote UN quote, God has shifted your plan so God doesn’t change his mind, and God doesn’t need to adjust to our schedules but sometimes that’s how it feels. When we have had a plan and we have had something in our lives that we on it and then it feels as if God flipped the script, but he really didn’t. He always knew that it would go this way, and there’s always been provision for that quote, UN quote, change. 


And so if we don’t learn to be flexible with life and with God’s plan, you’ll get stuck to something. That was when God is trying to move you to your next and so make sure that you. We’re little flexible when things shift, you know, it is easy to get addicted to our own plans, but I always say that you write your plans in pencil because if God says I need you to shift to something else, then that’s what you need to do. 


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Listen, like when we started our church, the California Worship Center, I was not ready. I literally was watching a message with Warren this past Sunday, it was so good and I became emotional because I began to remember how I felt when he started the church. And I wasn’t really that on board. Y’all pray for me. And so I was just repenting and apologizing to him. And of course, he was saying it’s OK, it’s OK. But it was so new and so different. I’d been in church all my life, but never as a first lady. That was, to me, a shift in my plan it really wasn’t, it was always God’s plan. It was always God’s order. 


And I look back and I look at Warren’s life and my life and what God was doing and how he was shaping and crafting us. He was preparing us for this all along, but all I saw his music, all I saw was, you know, the TV show and all that we were. Going, but sometimes you have to open your mind and be willing to understand that God’s plan is not always your plan. One of our prayers that we say at Kelly worship every Sunday is God prepare me for what you have prepared for me. Well, sometimes that’s uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s a stretch. Sometimes it feels like this can’t be as well. I didn’t think this. I didn’t plan this. This wasn’t on my vision. 


Lord, you always have to leave space for God to be God. And that is my Erica ISM for you. Leave space for God to be God, because if he if he pivots it’s a pivot for you, not for him. But are you willing to be obedient? Are you willing to say yes, even when it’s something that you didn’t necessarily right for yourself? God’s got a much better plan for my life than I could ever write for myself. My ear has to be attentive, my heart. Has to be open and I’ve got to be ready to move when God says move. Some of y’all are waiting too long. Some of y’all are putting the pause on the plan that God put in place and you don’t want to block or miss your blessing because you’re doubting God, because really, that’s what it is. I don’t know. God, Are you sure? It’s God. Yes, he’s sure. If he spoke it and he said it. 


Then the provision and everything that you need will be there. Listen. Newsflash, God. Don’t always give you a three-point plan and he doesn’t always break down everything to you. You just gotta be obedient, trust him and go alright, that’s my Eric is. For the day, love you.