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Kelontae Gavin Debuts New Single ‘Live Again’ and more!

GUMEC Guest Kelontae Gavin

Source: R1 Digital / Radio One

He’s a 23-year-old Stellar, Dove award-nominated singer-songwriter and musician. He’s with us today, welcome Kelontae Gavin to the Get Up! Church! 


I’m excited to talk about this new album, ‘Testify’ drops tomorrow, and in a few minutes we’ll talk a bit about it, but we’re about to play this first single from your project called “Live Again”, tell us about it.


Yeah, man, live again is a song pinned by my sister, Jacqueline Carr. Absolutely a phenomenal singer and songwriter. I call the Singing Psalm is prophetess man she just wanted to sing a song with my voice in mind that literally gives life to people to live again. So I’m excited about it, you know? 


Be sure to get Kelontae Gavin’s new album “Testify” available everywhere July 21st.